happy birthday Quinn! (and happy birth day to me)

December 3, 2016…

Yesterday my little Quinny bear turned the big ONE and we celebrated with a puppy themed paw-ty.  I still can’t believe a whole year has gone by with Quinn! We had so much fun.  Family and friends came over and we ate good food, laughed, watched Quinn destroy his smash cake and open his presents. (ok, he loved the wrapping paper and boxes the most)

Last night after he was in bed I got thinking that I’ve wanted to write down my birth story so I remember the details to tell him someday… (for a year now!) so their’s no time like the present!

December 3,2015…

8:30am. I got out of bed after having tossed and turned all night.  Something was up…I just knew it.  The day before I had my husband and I running so many errands from breakfast to dinner…preparing. Nesting is real! When my husband left for work that morning, he said… “Jules, I think you’re going to be calling me today.  I think Quinn’s coming!”

10:30am. By now I’m starting to have some serious off and on mild contractions/pains.  Thinking that it’s just Braxton Hicks again, I tried to distract myself by doing laundry and random household things.  I couldn’t.  Finally I just gave up and laid on the couch.

11:30am. I texted my friend Alisa who had just had her baby 5 days before.  She told to go take a bath, if the pain goes away it’s just false labor.  If not….you’ll know! So I decided to do what she said.  And WOW…the pain turned unbearable.  I knew it was the real deal.  Time to call the midwife and my doula…and my husband!

12:30pm. My midwife and doula and Reuben arrived (all at the same time) and by this time my contractions were coming at least every 2 mins.  My midwife checked me and I was only 2 cms dilated.  She told me I was definitely in labor but that I’d likely have the baby the next day.  She left and told my doula to let her know when she needed to come back once I had progressed. I thought to myself “oh no, there’s no way I’m doing this for 24 hrs!” …but I remembered what my hypnobirthing teacher had told me, “its just numbers, everyone has a different story”.  So I just focused on my breathing and my doula helped keep me comfortable by switching up labouring positions.  She had a TENS machine which was amazing and it helped take my mind off the contractions at times.  I could not have done it without her and my husband’s help and encouraging words. I felt like I did hot yoga the entire day by the deep breathing exercises I was doing!

1-3pm…crazy contractions that kept coming with no break.  I tried watching tv—nope. it was double down breathing exercises to get me through.  My doula was awesome and kept giving me coconut water to drink and grapes…things to keep my blood sugar up and keep myself hydrated.  Reuben kept coaching

3:30pm. All of a sudden I was freezing…I added layers on as my doula calmly told Reuben to call the midwife again.  What she didn’t tell us was that I was transitioning to active labor. (good call, I likely would have started to panic!)

4:00pm. My midwife checked me again…and with surprise told me I was 4cms! She told me if I wanted to go to the hospital we’d better head there – things were moving quicker than she expected them too.  I didn’t want to leave the comfort of my house but knew that it was 4:00pm on a Thursday evening…right at rush hour and we had about a 25 min drive in normal traffic.  So Reuben threw our hospital gear into the vehicle and away we went.  UGH the trip was agony.  I was in so much pain, the contractions were non stop by now.  I just focused on Reuben telling me to breathe IN and OUT the entire way.  It felt like forever but we arrived by 4:45pm. By the time I got into my hospital room, I told my doula I wanted to get into the birthing tub. I just wanted to do something different.  She assured me that as soon as I was processed we could do that. But first…I needed to go pee. She came in and helped me.  All of a sudden…I felt the strongest urge to PUSH.  It was so weird.  I hadn’t felt that until then.  I told her and she looked at me funny and said–“no no, it’s not time yet.” We got back into the room and she mentioned to my midwife that she may want to check me again!

5:15pm. My midwife checks me…and with shock she says I’m 7cm! I had dilated 3 cms in 2 hrs which is crazy fast. She broke my water right on the table. It was GO time.

6pm. I started to push. The pain was so intense but I was excited now.  My baby was coming! I wasn’t going to have the baby tomorrow! It was tonight!

7:06pm. After 45 mins of active pushing, pulling myself up on an arm bar each time and feeling like my back was bring ripped to shreds, I pushed for the last time and Quinn was born.  Reuben caught him! What an amazing experience. And then tears came.  He was finally here! We did skin to skin and it was the most surreal experience…one moment being in so much pain and then the next holding my baby.

And that’s my birth story.  I think its so amazing that you begin motherhood with the pain of childbirth followed by the joy of your child being born.  It’s an amazing metaphor of the difficulties of being a mom sometimes…when you’re at the end of your rope somedays and feeling so overwhelmed…then your baby does something at that moment to make everything better. The constant giving and receiving from both parties.

And here we are, a year later.  I’m so grateful I get to be his mama and I’m looking forward the adventures we have together this year.  I feel like I’ve learned more this year then any other years of my life! Being a mama is a wild ride! But also the snuggliest.








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