blueberry banana spinach smoothie (baby approved!)

Yesterday I needed to give my little man (10 mths) a snack to tide him over to dinner time…something nutritious and yummy but not too filling that he wouldn’t eat his dinner. I also had some wild blueberries sitting on the counter that needed to be eaten…so, voila! My blueberry banana spinach smoothie inspiration.

To make:

  • cup of water (or any non dairy or dairy milk)
  • couple handfuls of spinach
  • half of banana (frozen or in frozen)
  • honeycrisp apple (washed with the peel on)
  • cup or so of blueberries

Blend and serve. You can add flax, chia, yogurt  etc. but my little hasn’t had those yet so I just wanted to stick with food items he’s tried already. He LOVED it! Yay for mama success! (and sneaking in the greens when you can!)

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