the stuff of fairytales: Hotel Villa Honegg & The Alpina, Gstaad

I’m sitting on our terrace at The Alpina in Gstaad, Switzerland.  The air is crisp, the sun is shining, and I can hear piano playing from the lounge below.  Reuben is off for a massage and Quinn is napping.  I couldn’t have a more beautiful view.  I’m snacking on complimentary Swiss chocolate and drinking a golden turmeric latte. I haven’t honestly been this relaxed since before Quinn was born, and it feels wonderful.

A lot of people have asked me where is my favourite European destination.  I’ve always waffled back and forth on France, Italy, Austria…Switzerland…and now without a doubt I’m sold.  Switzerland is the stuff of fairytales.  From the endless rolling hills, breathtaking mountain vistas and the cow bells echoing across the mountains…it’s an incredible experience that you have to see to believe.  Pictures do not do this country justice.  I don’t understand how they even keep all their flower boxes healthy! The hospitality is amazing as well.  Hotel Villa Honegg and The Alpina have both treated us royally.  Quinn’s received his own robe, slippers, toys, and homemade pureés to name a few things. Each room is outfitted with a comfy crib, diaper genie, change pads, bottle warmers…you name it.  It’s made traveling with a baby so much easier.

This was our 2nd visit to Villa Honegg, having spent a few nights there in December 2014 when we did a whirlwind European Christmas Markets adventure. (I highly recommend doing that at least once in your life!) and we knew we had to come back.  There is something about this place that is pure magic.  It’s so calming and relaxing, the views are inspiring and you feel at peace.  Not to mention the breakfast starts at 7:30am and continues until 2:00pm – you can come and go and eat to your hearts content and they prepare everything fresh! Reuben loves having some crepes at 8:00am, 10:00am..and hey – why not at 1:30pm?

And can we talk about their infinity pool?  You feel like you are swimming at the edge of the mountain…well, thats because you are! People ask how we find where we want to stay at our destinations.  Usually the answer is “We googled the best infinity pools” in a certain location and go from there.  Condé Nast is also our go to – they have the current and best places always listed to stay in the world. We read a lot of blogs.  It’s easy to find the Hilton or Best Western but if you want a very special experience sometimes you just need to do a little digging! Instagram is also a great tool, we follow lots of travel inspired Instagram accounts. That being said, I think you could stay in a shack here and have the best time! I’d love to come back and rent a little Swiss cottage on the mountain and just live the Swiss life for a few weeks!

We are loving our stay here at The Alpina, in Gstaad.   It has more of a luxurious Swiss Chalet feel which is so cute. The resort is set in a very beautiful little ski town, nestled in the valley. Last night we hung out in both pools, ate a delicious dinner and relaxed on the terrace watching the lights and stars twinkle.  Today we both have spa treatments (massages and facials) and are planning on hanging by the pool and relaxing and doing a whole lot of nothing.   There is a juice bar on site and I’ve been loving that! They even have a healthy vegan/gluten free menu which is awesome as well.  Our European vacation is almost over so we are making the best of the last moments we have! Our last stop is Geneva where we fly home.

One thing is for sure though….I’ll be back, Switzerland.


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