beauty and the beast town…Colmar

Colmar is the prettiest little town! It’s located in the Alsace region of France, which has German/French influence.  We had no plans for this town other than to just roam around and look at everything.  And that’s exactly what we did.  Everything about this little town is cute, from the flower boxes everywhere, to the colourful houses and cobblestoned streets.  Colmar reminded me of a scene straight out of Beauty and the Beast.  (I half expected to see Belle cruising along talking to Gaston or something, with a pretzel in hand….well, that’s because I had a pretzel in hand most of the time haha)

Our little Airbnb was right in the heart of the town, making it the perfect location to head out and explore, while being close enough to go back and put Quinn down for a nap or to change.  It’s cooler in the mornings here now and warms up quite nicely by the afternoon.  On a related note, I’m so excited for Fall! (when I get home I’m ready to begin making all the pumpkin spice everything!)



Quinn’s also been having the best time.  He adjusted well to the time difference and switched over right away.  Coming home may be a different story!  It’s been my favourite part of the trip just watching him make memories and take things in.  He’s amazed by the pigeons, the people, the different sounds and loves having his dada by his side everyday!



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