i’m taking you to Paris 

hey everyone! I’ve been a little MIA on here recently since its been a little busy getting ready for our Euro trip! We’ve travelled lots but this was our first trip with our baby (who is 9 mths tomorrow wahh!) so it’s taken more time just packing and collecting things to make the trip easier and more comfortable for all. I was nervous about the flight over but Quinn was great. He slept the whole way (fell asleep while nursing on takeoff)…and then woke up an hour later. He was super happy and then conked out a hour later (we were thankful for that!) and then slept the entire rest of the way on Reuben. We were supposed to be able to use the bassinet, because it has a weight limit of up to 25lbs (he’s 22lbs) but they asked us if he could sit up. “Um yes!” “oh ok, you can’t use it then”. ???? I asked why they would have a weight limit then since most children at 25lbs should be able to sit. They said that some kids have fallen out…fair enough. But still wondering why they offered in the first place then…airlines.

We arrived safely at CDG and then looked at the huge lines for security. Feeling very daunted with a tired baby we steeled ourselves for the long wait. A kind attendant came up to us and asked us to come with her…all the way to the front of the line. Past hundreds of people. I nearly cried with relief. We got our passports stamped (yay for Quinn’s first stamp!) and we were on our way. Luggage came out right away too and our rental vehicle got upgraded so hey-everything went amazing!

It was nice to arrive at our flat near the Eiffel Tower and relax for a bit before heading out to get some lunch and show Quinny some sights. I had delicious quiche and Reuben had a classic ham and cheese baguette in the Effiel tower park.  He did so well all day and had only one wake up during the night where he was quite awake so we calmed him down after a bit (thankfully) and got him back to sleep until 8:30am!

Now we are on route to our next location, (I’m blogging on my phone in the backseat with sleeping baby) to a quiet countryside retreat in Burgundy, a wine region in France. Looking forward to relaxing and eating good home cooked food, all grown on site and prepared fresh and in classic French style. Stay tuned for pics!

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  1. Kim Moore says:

    Aww, love. So fun ♥

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